Too Cute To Be A Killer

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Mary Sue.

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"Uh." She wanted to say 'yes', but it had been hundreds of years since she was human. Gripping her cloak, the girl heaved her hooded top off, standing in her striped one-piece. Okay, what next. She wasn't going to take that off, that's for sure. Clothes could go over it, but. Cautiously picking up a skirt, Amygdala stared at it. "This is a weird dress."

"That’s a skirt Ammy." Aloce gestures to the pleated burgundy one she was wearing. "You can wear it over your current outfit. Same with the shirt!" Alice smiles. "Do you have any shoes?"

Amygdala stares at the clothes. "Do I wear these...?" She's obviously at a loss. At Alice's words, she blushes, slightly. "I hope so..."

"Yeah, you have to wear it. School rules." Alice looked at the clock on her nightstand. It said 12:30pm. "We gotta hurry, or my teacher will get suspicious. I’ve only been gone about 9 minutes in my world. Do you know how to wear clothes…?"

"That's good, sounds like I can actually take some classes..." Amygdala mumbled. She carefully took a seat, still uneasy in the human body. At the monster comment, the young girl laughed, almost harshly. "You've met my daddy, right? There's nothing else I CAN be..."

Alice tossed a red sweater vest towards Amygdala along with a matching skirt, a white button up shirt, and some white kneesocks. “Just because your daddy is a monster doesn’t mean you are.” Alice said pointing a finger at the girl. “My daddy said is dad was an ass, kinda like your daddy. But now he’s dead and my daddy is nothing like him!”

"I'm probably technically a monster." Amygdala frowned, glancing around. She was a little shocked- her own room existed in a pocket dimension, full to the top with miscellaneous knick-knacks. It was...different. "But I'm not a witch...hoodoo and voodoo are normally contagious and sympathetic magic, just depends on the spell..."

"As long as you can do magic, you are eligible for the W.I.T program." Alice said leading Amy inside. She pulled a chair out for her to sit. "I don’t think you’re a monster Amy!"

Amygdala nods, clinging slightly to Alice. "Not great...y-you met my Daddy, so you know that..." She bites her lip. "Could I learn magic at this school...?"

"Yeah! There are programs for different magic users. I’m in a program called W.I.T. Witches In Training. You learn all kinds of things, like hexes, curses, monster hunting, and all kinds of magic." Alice guides her friend to a nearby door, a golden star on the door. "This is the door to my room. Just make yourself at home."

Alice opened the door and the smell of sugar and crayons hit their noses. The room was a pastel lavender, a few shelves full of stuffed toys. A unmade twin sized bed was in right side of the room, a stitched together rabbit laying on the bed. A small round table with a teaset sat in the center of the room. “Make yourself at home!”


It’s pretty early for fall outfits, but I saw a mori coordinate that was really cute and decided to try my hand at making it in AC. :3


It’s pretty early for fall outfits, but I saw a mori coordinate that was really cute and decided to try my hand at making it in AC. :3



Amygdala blinks. This is very new for her- and gorgeous. She mumbles a string of almost-swears in awe, allowing Alice to lead her.

Alice jumps, dragging the older girl with her. The two fell down in darkness and stars. Alice made Amy was close, not wanting to lose another person in Subspace.

"So how’s life been, Amy?" Alice asked, trying to break the silence between them.